Fashion With Heart

Fashion’s never been so smart (and sexy). Moral Fibre is where loved garments are bought and sold and proceeds support others.

We stock garments from the wardrobes of some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most fun loving, sharply dressed, totally-know-how-to-rock-their-own-style women. And we’d love to stock your stylish pieces too.

We want all that enjoyment you feel when you wear something fabulous to be passed around and the fact that it helps our planet It helps you as well. You’ll earn fifty percent of the profits of everything we sell, plus your garment can give back to two charities that care about women. That’s circular fashion for you (and us and everyone else!)


Lissette started sewing at 3 with her Mum Janet (Mum made 90% of our clothing, Laura Ashley florals anyone?) and by 11 she was buying clothes from op shops (much to her mother’s initial horror), taking them home and remaking them into something cooler. 

Vintage redesigned is her thing. Her bespoke vintage & recycled leather jackets combined with vintage embellishments are collector items and they literally turn heads down the street. Lissette has worked in the fashion industry and used to run her own labels, Libertine, and Tantrum, so she knows about making a garment last. Lissette’s friends called her ‘The Ferret’ for her uncanny ability to find the best things in retro stores. If anyone needs a vintage glass button, Lissette knows where to get it. Her ferrety knack for finding incredible one-off garments, or making something that she can’t quite find, gives Moral Fibre its curious, totally-have-to-go-and-browse vibe.


Jane grew up with a mum who sewed all the family clothes, including their school uniforms, and decided early on she loves fashion best when other people sew for her.  Nothing made young Jane happier than choosing a pattern from those gigantic catalogues (where everyone’s got the same smile) and finding the ultimate fabric. Then she’d sit on a high stool and watch her mum sew up her new outfit, knowing no other kid on the street would have anything like it. Throughout her career, Jane’s always been on the hunt for threads nobody else can find running a business that bought high end fabrics and selling them to the New Zealand designer industry. Her family have dabbled with circular fashion for years, where Jane gives her loved clothes to her sister-in-law and receives loved clothes from her stepmother (and yes, her mum will still whip her up something if she asks). Jane’s deep knowledge of the industry and serious fabric finding skills gives Moral Fibre its backbone - dressed up in a shimmering retro jacket, no doubt made by Lissette.

Our Story

Moral Fibre is founded by us, Jane Farr and Lissette Mayson. We’ve both been in the fashion industry for over twenty years, we’ve spent a lot of time in Asia, and we’ve seen some stuff! 

18 months ago we both hit big life challenges. Lissette was diagnosed with breast cancer and Jane left a secure job after fifteen years to dive into her own fashion dreams. We thought 2019 was a tough year and then COVID hit in 2020. Being forced into lockdown we both spent some time thinking about what was important to us, to others, and to the environment

That’s when we came up with Moral Fibre. If we could reduce what gets thrown out, give back to some solid charities, and see amazing garments loved and worn by different people then we decided that’s one hell of a business model. 

Reading the UN’s Global Priority #12  - The Sustainable Development Goal, helped us build and develop Moral Fibre.

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