How It Works

We want all that enjoyment you feel when you wear something fabulous to be passed around and the fact that it helps our planet, it helps you as well.

You’ll earn fifty percent of the profits of everything we sell, plus your garment can give back to two charities that care about women. That’s circular fashion for you (and us and everyone else!)  



Drop off & Handling In-Store

  • Items will be accepted on the basis that they are ready to sell, clean, hung and pressed or folded neatly.
  • Items requiring laundering or pressing will be procssed by Moral Fibre and the charges will be taken from owners commission, at Moral Fibres discretion.
  • Processing of Items to the shop floor can take 3-10 business days depending on condition of the items.
  • Items that have been left with us for processing, but not taken into stock, will be kept for 7 working days, from date of drop off. Moral Fibre reserve the right how to process these items if not collected on time.
  • All risk of loss or damage, including theft, whilst with us, are on the basis that the owner takes full responsibility.

Courier Pick-up Service

  • We can arrange a courier pick up from your choosen address. We will need to know parcel measurments and weight, we will then email you a courier page that needs to be attached to your parcel of consignment items. This service is for 20+ items. Please call or email if you are unsure. The courier charge will be automatically deducted from your commission account, so no fees payable up front.


  • All items are sold and priced by Moral Fibre on behalf of the owner.
  • Payments will be paid out at your request by Bank transfer to your nominated account, we will need this information in writing via email.
  • You will receive 50% of the of the selling price (excluding GST).
  • Any cleaning fees will be deducted from your commission, prior to payout.
  • Your items will be on the shop floor at full price for 4 weeks. They will then be reduced to 1/2 price for 2 weeks.
  • Any items not collected within 7 business days of being contacted for pick up will be donated to our nominated charity The Aunties.
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