We want all that enjoyment you feel when you wear something fabulous to be passed around and the fact that it helps our planet, it helps you as well. 


  1. Items will be accepted into stock of Moral Fibre Ltd on the basis that the owner/supplier accepts all risk, loss, damage, including shoplifting, while their clothes are with Moral Fibre. Moral Fibre will take the utmost care while your items are with us.
  2. All items MUST be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned prior to drop off.  Shoes need to be in un-scuffed condition, no dirty soles, no mould on any leather goods.
  1. At the time of drop off Moral Fibre will ask if you want to pick up items not selected. If No is chosen, Moral Fibre will then organise disposal/charity of any of these items.
  1. Moral Fibre will give you an estimated processing time, we aim for 10 working days. We will email a report of items taken and on the floor. Any items not taken will not be on your report. This report/list date sent is the date your consignment begins.
  1. Items given for processing, but not taken into stock, will only be held for 7 days after the date of drop off, if you have chosen to collect them. Any items not collected in this time may be donated to charities or disposed at our discretion.   
  1. Please keep in touch with Moral Fibre to see what items have been sold or payments due. Due to the amount of Consignors Moral Fibre asks that you take responsibility to keep in touch with us regarding what has sold, or due for pick up - WE ARE A MANUAL SYSTEM, NO LOG IN TO SEE PAYMENTS DUE, PLEASE EMAIL MANAGEMENT  to check.
  2. Staff at the counter cannot do this for you, due to privacy reasons, but they can write down any requests for management.
  1. Moral Fibre will pay you 50% of the item's selling price.. 

          You will need to provide your nominated Bank account number. 

           Please also provide the Customer Number that was given to you with your               list to allow for this payment.

  1. Any unsold items will be reduced  4 weeks after going on the floor by 50% this is at our discretion.  

9.     We hold your items on the floor for 8 weeks, this can be extended at our            discretion. If you want to collect your items yourself before the 8 week              cycle has been completed there will be an administration charge of $30.  

        This contact date is 8 weeks after your items are on the floor.

         Items unsold within 8 weeks, deemed to still be sellable, will be put on               the $2 - $10 dollar rack, if not disposed of after the 8 weeks.

 10. We may choose to keep items for longer than the 8 weeks on the floor – please keep in contact regarding contact/expiry date. Communication will be given to you upon contact. If no contact has been made within 3 months of drop off all items will then be disposed of at our discretion. 

Payment will be held for 12 months of drop off, after this date it expires.  


  1.   You can withdraw your items at any time.  However you will need to email us to organize this.  We will pull off your items and have them ready for you to collect by arrangement.

Withdrawing your items prior to the 8 week selling cycle incurs a $30 admin fee …. +64 9 2133000

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